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A Year Back in Maine
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A year back in Maine.

William McNeil Howard
August 26, 2010

There was some fruit in Massachusetts but not so much to keep me there. 

Maine seemed to be the draw and in a rural community not too far from culture and shore.

What do I do?  I am the computer guy, rather, the technology coordinator, for the Jefferson Village School.  It is a 3 day week job taking care of some 164 computers for 180 or so kindergarten through 8th grade students.  They call me Mr. Bill (ooh noooh).  I am the internet cop, network troubleshooter, hardware repairer, helper and teacher for all.

The other 2 days a week are sometimes filled with being back at the school substituting in any of the grades except kindergarten.  And, the kids love it when I do sub.  You may think I let them get away with stuff, but I really try to do something different and fun while learning at the same time.

A new $15 million dollar school is being built.  “All our problems will be solved when we get the new school.”  Not sure about that…same teachers and people in the office.  The school will be filled with technology like SmartBoards and wireless microphones for the teachers in the classrooms.

The living conditions are pretty good.  A large apartment with 2 bedrooms.  The kitchen is really a walk through space with a large island at one end of the dining area.  It is a glorious dining area with dimmer switch for the 2 sparkly brass candle flame bulbed chandeliers.  It is big enough to accommodate the ancient oak table with all the leaves.  The living room is more my office and entertainment space with piano and computer stuff along with the old oak desk.  There is a garage but like most it is storage, the car won’t fit. There is a deck and with a long view down the hill to Damariscotta Lake.  My landlord has 600 feet of frontage.

Sundays have brought on a challenge to put some young life into the old church just slightly across the street.  A 200 year old building meant to seat a couple of hundred folks but barely sees 25 in a worship service.  Yes, I am the young blood of the attendees.  Most folks are in their 70’s and 80’s.  At the annual business meeting, I was made a deacon, greeter, assistant moderator, and bell ringer (second class).  And, I preached recently to a fairly larger crowd that did not budge when I went over on time.

I am still very single with a couple of love interests that cracked the door only to see that my life is sternly yet joyfully in service to God.

Mary, my youngest daughter, came to be with me for awhile having left the technical school where she studied welding.  She has since entered the Navy.  She misses Dad and the comfy place she had here for a few months. 

This summer included a stint at a camp for girls called Wavus.  I could have commuted to work by canoe.  I was the third cook feeding 200 ravenous young ladies.  Good food, always fresh fruit available.  Sorry, no desserts unless it was a special occasion.  I actually did some real cooking in between the heat and serve entrée meals.  They really liked my roasted red potatoes and secret recipe baked boneless chicken breasts.  The weeks were long with 40 hours at camp and the 24 at school.

With camp over, I am looking for something to fill the void of time and add to the bank account. 

There is an occasional piano tuning and computer work but not steady.  I have yet to do a gourmet pizza dinner.  It is the wrong neighborhood and general clientele.

Well that is my story for now. 

The little cherubs will be back in the old halls soon while the construction takes place up the hill.  The days are already beginning to shorten and, although not yet, the nights will be cool and the trees will be losing their leaves.

Come visit if you can. 




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