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Sharing Lollipop
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Sharing Lollipop

The best part of the day was the parade.

A family came up and grandma took a seat next to me on the retaining wall on the sunny side of the street. Her son and his wife came along with 2 little children. A boy and a girl maybe 4 or 5, the little girl being the younger. I was helping with building up the excitement and talked about it. If it were a real parade, they would be throwing candy. That got the kids' attention. I added that if there was so much candy and if they didn't know what to do with it, they could share. Along came the parade with fire trucks blaring. And there were waves of candy thrown and passed out from the floated bucket brigades. The little girl came over to me with a lollipop, small, round and wrapped in paper. She was so cute and handed it to me. It was so sweet and I gushed with gratefulness and thanked her profusely. I don't think she ever saw anyone be so appreciative especially for such a little thing. I unwrapped the bubblegum flavored pink confection and savored it for as long as I could. And I will savor the moment for a long time.



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