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Waxing Moon
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Waxing Moon

The moon is bright tonight, extra bright on the snow covered ground.  The passing waves of thin clouds lighten and brighten the moon’s rays.  The moon is waxing this season of the month. 
The air is clear and crisp on this cold night but it is the brightness of moon’s reflection that gathers thoughts.  The thoughts of waxing, increasing emotions and hope come upon me assuring an increase in mind and heart.  
A time comes when the sight of a friend, a friendship that waxes day upon day to a fullness clear and bright when we meet. 
Years have passed since last.  We were friends in separate marriage and families connected by a church.  Years have passed of heartache and abandonment.  Years have passed with loss of companionship in humanity and people and church. 
Our grasp of something solid to cling to was a lonely time.  Lonely physically.  Lonely in sharing.  Lonely in companionship. 
As time passes, the clinging increases to a solid hand hold of hope, love and service.  We look to our celestial spirit for hope, love, and service. 
The moon is still developing and will be full in a couple of earthly rotations. A meeting, after half a decade, will occur in a couple of global spins.  A waxing moon.  A waxing friendship. 
“Old friend’, she said in the first response to an email sent by a spirited urge.  The discussions have been wonderful, full of life and curiosity for the other.   There is evidence of maturity and happiness.  We have moved on from the darker era. 
The light for us glows in spirit. 
The light for us grows in spirit. 
The moon is waxing.

William M. Howard, February 16, 2011



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