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Whole Communication
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Whole Communication

Young people and some old peck away on those little devices communicating in bits and pieces. Sentences and words incomplete. Their thoughts? Incomplete too.

The challenge: Write a letter, by hand, on paper with pen or pencil.
A whole letter. A formal letter with proper addressing, the kind of addressing which is needed to get this letter sent by mail. A whole name, proprer name beginning with salutation of Mr., Mrs., Miss, Dr., Rev., or Ms, that's right, no period needed. The proper first name, the middle initial with a perod, and the last name. These are referred to as the christian name and surname for the first name and last name respectfully.
Then the whole address, not just something with an @. You know street, the place where they reside. And, maybe, a post office box number if needed. Oh, the appartment number or other designation.
The city, town, or legal major area. The state spelled out so that this letter has style and impact. Can you spell the whole state name? Look it up and spell it out? (Do you know where it is?)

There are 2 addresses that are included on a whole letter, the senders and the sendee or the one it is being sent to. A whole address when knowing the name of the individual will includ all of the above and more; the position title is to follow their name just ahead of the department with the insititution they belong.

Date, the whole date. For expample: July 16, 2010. The whole month, the numerical day, and the full year.

We have only just begun for a whole letter.

Why are you writing this? What is the matter? Write the whole subject line beginning with "Subject:" or "RE"

(more to come)



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