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Pizza cutsSaid to me over and over: “The best pizza I ever had.”

Mary art folio Mary Howard creates unique pieces of art.

I provide friendly service to help you enjoy the computer. My clients highly recommend this service to new customers. Why? Because usually one session will resolve many problems. I will teach you how to keep your computer healthy and running well.

I enjoy working with customers of all ages and levels of computer knowledge. Even folks who feel out of place become more comfortable.

Training, repairs, and perfomance improvement.

I am presently the Computer Guy at Jefferson Village School, Jefferson, Maine. What a pleasure to be part of the new technologies and learning opportunities.

It takes about 3 to 4 hours to resolve typical PC problems.
Your data is backed up.
Some critical maintenance is done.
An evaluation of needed software and services is made.
If you are with me while I do this, I will train you and review the issues.
So, this might be the only session needed.
If the operating system is corrupted such as what can happen with power blips. Not surges but brown outs.
The computer will have to be reloaded from scratch.

You may have a friend, a cousin, a nephew or signifigant other who "knows" just what to do. My experience is that most of these novices lack the decades of hands on experience and customer relation skills I bring to you.



Who loaded it?
Why was it installed?
Do you really need it?

I prefer to do all the updates a manufacturer offers.

Anti-virus software can interfere with your computer. It checks everyfile accessed as you use the computer. Some work okay, most will use computer resources slowing it down.


New PC's and Apple systems are getting cheaper and more powerful all the time.
If you computer is more the 5 years old, it is time to upgrade.



This means make copies of your valuable data. If you are running your business on the computer, plan to keep copies off site.
Those little thumb drives can hold a bunch of data.



What is the meaning of
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