Each finger is a digit, ivory in perspective color, sometimes light and sometimes dark.
Ivory Digits - A Renaissance
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The Meaning of Ivory Digits
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The meaning of Ivory Digits.....

● The keys of a piano.                     Piano with flowing notes

● 1's and 0's flowing in a computer.

The classical source of ivory is from the long hard tusk of the elephant, a dependable utilitarian material used for many different purposes. It is long lasting, often beyond the life of the original owner.  Its purpose can last forever.

The color of ivory is natural, mellow, and pleasant. It has a classical ambiance. It blends in and takes on a background of unassuming character. It is not a single solid color but many shades and complex hues.  The facets of the individual shades are distinct.  The lines are random. You have to look hard to see the distinctions.

    ● And Ivory Digits are .........

Praying hands

 fingers clasped in prayer.



What is the meaning of
Ivory Digits.




Ivory Digits
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