"How'd-u-do-dis!? You're not even Italian!"
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Really, Really, Good Gourmet Pizza Dinner
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Pizza cutsSaid to me over and over: “The best pizza I ever had.”

Mary art folio Mary Howard creates unique pieces of art.

Gourmet Pizza Dinner
(see pictures below)

And on the 8th Day
(Gourmand: one who is heartily interested in good food and drink [from Webster])

Pizza Dinner for 10 by Bill Howard (207)214-7912 billhoward@ivorydigits.com

It is said over and over, “Bill Howard makes the best pizza I ever had!” 

This is a complete pizza meal prepared in your kitchen.
(or other place of your selection) 
The dough is fresh. The excellent sauce is prepared before your eyes. 
The toppings come right from the market. 
Enjoy the sauté of Italian essentials.  
Savor the dipping sauce that can’t be resisted.
 Break a bread stick with someone before dipping.

Then the dessert! Oh, the dessert! 
It is freshly made chocolate mousse.  

“How does he do it?”

A 2 pizza meal will feed 8-10 people. So, invite others to share!
(Unless you want the leftovers for yourself.)

What would you like?

The carnivore: fresh ground beef, fresh sausage and aged pepperoni? Maybe salami too!
The veggi:  varietal bell peppers, sweet onion, fresh mushrooms, black olives, etcetera. Or the highly acclaimed: spinach pizza.
Maybe the FULL combo of vegetables and meats.

It could be the classical Pizza Marguerite of sliced roma tomato, tender basil leaves, and fresh mozzarella.

Or a real hit with the ladies: The Blond (if baked longer, The Brunette).  This is made with an aromatic Virgin olive oil and finely minced garlic gently massaged into the soft, tender dough and blanketed with a reserve of 6 Italian cheeses. 
I carefully slice into petite portions to be enjoyed without guilt.

If you wish, enhance The Blond with a combination of shrimp and scallops for which seafood lovers swoon.

Would you believe my vegan creation is requested by regular pizza eaters? Marinated soft tofu is wonderfully baked for a pleasant surprise.

Do you really need dessert after all this?  Of course you do!
The chocolate mousse is unlike you’ve had before.  Just the right amount of sweetness combined with the new world’s equatorial seeds from the pods of cocoa and vanilla.

What else?  How about a children’s party with the chef helping them make their own little pizzas?  Of course this unique event comes with humor, silliness, and just a bit of education. 

Story: My step-dad grew up in the North End of Boston. You know, the Italian section.  When he tasted my pizza for the first time, he didn’t look very happy. 
I said, “Lenny, you don’t look happy. What’s wrong?”
He says, “Howd-u-do-dis?  You’re not even Italian!”

Veramente Buona Pizza Cena
(Really Good Pizza Dinner)

ingrdientsdoughpressing dough

sauteon the table

Happy chef




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