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Pizza cutsSaid to me over and over: “The best pizza I ever had.”

Mary art folio Mary Howard creates unique pieces of art.

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Pizza Forte


Virtually everyone who has tasted my pizza says it the best they ever had.

It is a dinner party prepared in your home.

I bring all the cooking equipment and ingredients.

You provide a working oven and stove, eating utensils, beverages and the guests.

I do all the food preparation, entertaining and all the clean up.

This is an instructional and fun time.

Children love it because I get them to help.

I do kids' parties as well with my big floppy chef hat and individual pans so each child can make their own.

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Piano Tuning

Piano Notes

An acoustic piano, well tuned, is a luxury of enjoyment.

My customers have said the tunings are the best they have ever had.

I use a chromatic electronic tuning meter plus fine setting by ear. Each key is carefully set for a wonderful, enjoyable result.

You may already have a terrific technician. Congratulations.

But, if you have had sad experiences with past tunings, please allow me to make your investment a pleasure again.

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