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Teaching, Instruction, Training, and Presentations

There are a variety of areas of teaching, instruction, and presentations that I have worked with and developed.  As an organized person with strong background in MS Office products, including Word, Publisher and PowerPoint, I have managed projects and the communication with students. 

I work well with people with varying cultural backgrounds like Native Americans and Latinos and am sensitive to the process of training for individuals at different ages and with various education levels.  My training and teaching experience has covered industrial, commercial, high school, college, and other forums.  I continue in the study of communication and the art of transforming listeners.

There are other areas of experience including web site and web page development using Dreamweaver.  The process of putting a web site together is much like putting a training curriculum together.  First a mission is established, an outline is developed, a layout of the important features drawn up, links and details further developed, the plan is executed.   As an important follow up, I request for input and review by all those involved to check for content and quality.  Much of my activity has been development then instruction so the users can maintain the sites on their own.

Various individuals have supported my interest in teaching from my teenage daughter, Mary, who says I am "good at it" to a senior administrator, Rev. Dr. James Haddix, who commented on my extraordinary patience with a highly educated group who were learning a new system. 

Here is a testimonial:  Bill Howard, a knowledgeable man with many interests, he has a sincere desire in helping people to break open their lives through self-exploration. His quiet and laid back manner allows him the patience to aid one safely through any learning process. Bill's sense of humor pops up at the most unexpected times and is explosive in lightening a mood and making the time you spend with him fun. A diversity of life experiences has provided Bill with many perspectives.  This is a quality often well utilized in any interaction. J. Madison

I look forward to developing the training programs where the need for a seasoned professional with a broad experience of business, technology, education, and interpersonal skills come into play.  The key benefit is ability to develop the relationship between teacher and student, unlike some instructors who know the subject and the technology but may not be able to communicate the material. 


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